Mont Alto Plunge

December 4, 2022

Anyone can jump in a lake.
Doing it with us makes you a hero.

If you’d like to skip the dip, but would still like to support our efforts, here’s a button for you to sponsor a participant or team, or just donate. Thank you!

About the Plunge

Who hosts this plunge?

We Are… the Franklin County Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association and the Mont Alto Alumni Society.

We Are… students in the group “Penn State Mont Alto Benefiting THON.”

How do we fund this event?

We’re proud to partner with local businesses and community members who feel passionate about fighting childhood cancer. We honor them with a page of their own.

What is THON?

Penn State’s THON, the largest student-run philanthropy in the world, raises money every year to contribute toward fighting childhood cancer. It was started in 1977, and “THON” is short for Panhellenic Dance Marathon. Students raise money to dance for 46 hours!

All the Chilly Details

2022 is here, and we’re ready to raise money #ForTheKids! Our December Plunge event will be held both in-person at Cowans Gap State Park, as well as remotely for those of you who prefer a bucket to a lake.
All profits go to help combat childhood cancer through Penn State’s THON. Alumni and students from Penn State Mont Alto collaborate to bring you this opportunity to do good.


In-person at the lake: December 4, 2022 — 11 a.m. arrival for a 12:30 p.m. plunge-time.

Personal Plunge: December 2, 3, and 4, 2022 — three days to choose from for getting in on the action!

How: It only costs $10 to sign up. Participants get other folks to chip in, and that’s cool, too.

Participants register and set up their personal pages, then share that info with their personal groups. We bet that participants know donors who would be happy to pay to see them jump in a lake or dump buckets of ice water on themselves.

On the weekend of the Plunge, we gather at the lake at Cowans Gap to jump in as a group and also share personal videos of participants doing the Personal (bucket) Plunge.

What: Every cent we don’t use to spread the word and host the event will go to the Four Diamonds Foundation to fight childhood cancer through the Penn State Mont Alto student THON group.

If you contribute in some way to our annual event, you’ll be helping fight childhood cancer. In case you hadn’t guessed, that’s the big WHY.


Making a difference in the families lives that are impacted by cancer is one of the things we strive for most; this event does just that! FTK always!”y has to fight the battle alone! 

Raylee Gibbons, 2021 Student THON Leader

Making a difference in the families lives that are impacted by cancer is one of the things we strive for most; [Mont Alto Plunge] does just that! FTK always!

Layken barrows, 2021 Student THON Leader

Getting into the action

Send Us a Message

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How can we help?

Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment.

Plunge Location

Cowans Gap State Park, PA, in-person.

Or your house. Or your work. Or any location where you’d like to record yourself with a bucket of ice water. Keep it legal, keep it safe, please.

Paying by check:

Checks may be made payable to: Franklin County Penn State Alumni Chapter

Checks may dropped off at the Development Office at the Penn State Mont Alto campus or can be mailed to: Kristin Nicklas, 183 Lincoln Way E, Chambersburg, PA 17201

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