Being a hero without jumping in a lake

We talked a lot about the good work being done to put on our annual Plunge event in December. We talked a lot about how far-reaching the impact could be. We talked a lot about why raising that money was good work to do.

We came together, as students and alumni and campus and community. We did well, and we did some good.

There is another opportunity right now to be a hero again. No one may ever know but you; however, we all may see the effect of it if we’re lucky.

Older people. Children fighting cancer. Neighbors with chronic illnesses. They are all more susceptible to COVID-19, the current pandemic threatening the world. They may be friends. They may be family members.

If we physically distance ourselves to the extent we can, we can change the narrative here. We can slow the spread of the virus. That means that the people who do get sick will have a better chance of getting the help they need. And then of recovering.

If we physically distance ourselves to the extent we can, we can still stay connected. We can watch for those who need a hand. We can reach out to help.

It is not time to panic, but it is time to act like the wonderful human beings we know you are. After all, we’ve seen you in action before. Take good care, everyone. Stay safe and healthy. And thank you.

#BeExcellent #DoGood #MontAltoPlunge

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