We’re ready for you, 2021!

In 2020 lots of things got personal, and the Mont Alto Plunge was no different.

Now it’s 2021, and we’re planning to both 1. go back to the lake and 2. keep it personal. Wanna run into cold water in person? Join us at the lake. Need to participate from a different location? Get your bucket ready. You have the ability to join the fun and do good deeds whichever way best suits you!

All profits go to help combat childhood cancer through Penn State’s THON. Alumni and students from Penn State Mont Alto collaborate to bring you this opportunity to do good.

Here’s how to become a plunger:

  1. Register at montaltoplunge.org — all the fun starts there.
    1. You can do this on your own, or create a team.
    2. It’s only $10.00 to register as a participant.
  2. Share your personal page link with all your social groups. Do you know anyone who will pay to see you jump in a lake or dump ice water on your head? We bet you do. They can pay up when they visit your page.
    1. Join us on December 5 at Cowans Gap State Park, PA.
    2. Participants will run into the water in waves to keep everyone safe.
    3. We’ll have hot chocolate waiting for you.
    1. On December 3, 4, or 5, post a video of you saying “I’m doing the Mont Alto Personal Plunge to fight childhood cancer!” and then tipping a bucket of ice water over yourself.
    2. Make your vid public and tag us… We’re on Facebook and Twitter @montaltoplunge
    3. Send us your video! We’ll compile a video montage from the videos that are sent over. (Go to  https://wetransfer.com/, upload your video, enter montalto.plunge@gmail.com to send it — this is free!)
  5. Follow us on our social channels for updates. You’re our favorite kind of hero. We can’t wait to see how COOL you get.

Keep it legal, keep it safe, please.

*Bragging rights for costumes.

**We suggest setting up a team at work for some healthy fundraising competition. You know, #ForTheKids.

***If you want to skip the dip, you can just donate! Click the donate button above to join our fight against childhood cancer. You’re our favorite kind of hero, too. <3


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