Getting Personal Again

Anyone planning to take the PERSONAL option for this weekend’s Mont Alto Plunge?

Here’s how you can jump all-in without a visit to the lake:

Gotta register –>  then… this weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)…

Fill a bucket with ice water.

Video-record yourself tipping the water over your head while you say, “I’m doing the Mont Alto Plunge FOR THE KIDS!”

  1. Tag us! We’re on Facebook and Twitter. @MontAltoPlunge
    (Please make sure it’s public so we can see it…)
  2. Send us your video! We’ll compile a video montage from the videos that are sent over. (Go to, upload your video, enter to send it — this is free!)

We’ll miss you at the lake, but our hearts are still full because you’re doing this where you can. Rock on, heroes!

#WeAre #MontAltoPlunge #ForTheKids

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