Baby, it’s cold outside!

We did it! The 2021 Mont Alto Plunge participants gathered at Cowans Gap today and made a splash.

Highlights: the water was 40-degrees. As of now, we’ve raised over $11k, with more to count (official raised amount to be announced at a later time, stay tuned). Students and alumni and community members enjoyed fellowship and basked in the glow of work well done.

Good job everyone! Hope you’ve warmed up! For more photos from the day, visit our photo album –> (you can always find this an links to additional albums at

Thank you all, from the bottom of our hearts.

Countdown — one day! #FTK 🔷🔷🔷🔷

How cold will the water be? Who will be in costume? What color will this year’s shirts be? How much will we have raised to help children and families dealing with pediatric cancer? It’s gonna be COOL to find out!

There’s still time to participate. Or… skip the dip and drop a couple bucks into the bucket by donating or sponsoring. Everything goes to Penn State THON and Four Diamonds #ForTheKids (access options at

We’re Goin’ In!

Our annual Plunge participants are super excited to jump in this Sunday, December 5! Wondering how to get in on the action? If you haven’t registered yet, the first step is to sign up –>

Plan to join the outdoor festivities at Cowans Gap State Park around 11 a.m. We’ll be running into the lake in timed waves (pun intended, lol) around Noon.

We have a DJ lined up, an emergency crew (just in case) on standby, and plenty of cold water for Plunging!

Please drive out safely. Please bring your best enthusiasm along. The good work you’re doing to raise funds #ForTheKids warms us to the bottom of our beachtowels.

See you Sunday, Plungers!

Getting Personal Again

Anyone planning to take the PERSONAL option for this weekend’s Mont Alto Plunge?

Here’s how you can jump all-in without a visit to the lake:

Gotta register –>  then… this weekend (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday)…

Fill a bucket with ice water.

Video-record yourself tipping the water over your head while you say, “I’m doing the Mont Alto Plunge FOR THE KIDS!”

  1. Tag us! We’re on Facebook and Twitter. @MontAltoPlunge
    (Please make sure it’s public so we can see it…)
  2. Send us your video! We’ll compile a video montage from the videos that are sent over. (Go to, upload your video, enter to send it — this is free!)

We’ll miss you at the lake, but our hearts are still full because you’re doing this where you can. Rock on, heroes!

#WeAre #MontAltoPlunge #ForTheKids

What do the numbers mean?

Today is Giving Tuesday, and (in case you’ve forgotten) the annual Mont Alto Plunge is a great candidate for donations.

Have you wondered where the money goes? What we don’t use to put on the show each year we send with our Mont Alto THON dance team in February. THON then gives the money to the Four Diamonds Foundation where it is disbursed to care for children and families facing pediatric cancer diagnoses.

THON did a great job of summarizing what that money might mean, in terms of tangible benefits. By the Numbers –

Don’t you want to be a part of making that kind of difference? Any amount helps. And there’s no time like the present.

Participate. Sponsor. Donate. Share. It all starts at

We are thankful

for the kids and families we benefit. Their bravery in the face of a terrifying diagnosis inspires us to help.

We are thankful for the students who dance at THON and the students who support them. Their dedication motivates us to do something, too.

We are thankful for the Penn State alumni who jump in every year to hold our annual Plunge. Their collaboration strengthens our resolve to work cooperatively.

We are thankful for THON and The Four Diamonds Foundation. These organizations have made it possible to make an actual impact in the world, alongside thousands of other people who are working toward the same goals.

We are thankful for our communities, all of them, no matter their size or type. Their unwavering backing reinforces our faith in our neighbors and humanity.

We are thankful for you.

Your friends at the Mont Alto Plunge

2021 You Signed Up! Now What? (Editing Your Profile Page)

#WeAre so excited to fight pediatric cancer with you!

You’ve signed up for the December 2021 Mont Alto Plunge, and here are a couple ways you can stretch your impact:

  1. Update your personal Mont Alto Plunge profile page.
    1. When you share your link with family and friends, this will give them the info they need to support your efforts.
    2. Go to the link of your personal page and click the “Login” link at the top of the page.
    3. Use your email address and password to log in.
    4. Click the profile link on the left.
    5. Click the little pencil icon at the bottom right of the message area to edit.
    6. Make changes to the message, then click outside the box, and the changes should automatically save.
    7. You can double check by clicking the “View Page” button at the top of the screen.
  2. Then share your Plunge webpage with your networks so your family and friends can support you as you raise funds and awareness to fight childhood cancer! Talk to them around the dinner table. Share our social media posts in the next few weeks. Every little bit counts. Every. Little. Bit.

We can’t wait to jump in with you for real. For the kids!

Happy splashing, heroes,
Mont Alto Plunge Team

You Signed Up! Now What?

Thank you for taking the plunge with us to fight pediatric cancer!

Now that you’re signed up for the December 2021 Mont Alto Plunge, there are two important tasks to tackle, and they’re both easy to do:

  • Send a quick email to with your name and your shirt size by Friday, November 12 — we’re ordering shirts this week, and we want to get you one that fits.
  • Share your Plunge webpage with your networks so your family and friends can support you as you raise funds and awareness to fight childhood cancer! Every little bit counts. Every. Little. Bit.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in-person or in video in a couple weeks! Feelin’ good about being one of the coolest events around that weekend… For the kids!

Rock on, heroes,
Mont Alto Plunge Team

HOW DO I Sign Up?

Is registering for the Mont Alto Plunge on your short list of things to do, but you just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

You’re a previous Plunge participant, so you know there are three basic stages to doing the Plunge:

  1. Register
  2. Raise funds (and awareness)
  3. Participate in the event

But did you know that you have to sign up for each year you participate? Just because you signed up for previous event does not mean your registered automatically for the 2021 Mont Alto Plunge.

The good news is that registering is easy.

Start at

There is a button toward the top of the page that will take you to the registration site with specific instructions. Once you’ve signed up, you can share the link for your own Plunge webpage with your networks so they can donate to the cause.

Its only $10 to sign up, and that gets you a 2021 tee-shirt. Here’s why it’s so important not to wait…

The Mont Alto Plunge raises money, not through registration, but through the work of each participant in the months and weeks leading up to the weekend of the event. Fundraising is where the magic happens, For The Kids.

Do you know folks who would pay to see you jump into a cold lake or tip a bucket of ice water over yourself? We all have those people… How about signing up now so they can get started supporting you in your efforts to fight childhood cancer?

Rock on, heroes,

The Mont Alto Plunge