The Mont Alto Personal Polar Plunge, 2020-style, is here!

This year hasn’t gone like anyone expected it to. And yet, you’re here. You showed up. And it warms us to the bottom of our hearts (and buckets) to see how you rallied to help us support THON and Four Diamonds and, ultimately, the children and families who struggle with issues related to childhood cancer.

Here are some quick reminders for this weekend’s event:

  1. On December 4, 5, or 6, post a video of you saying “I’m doing the Mont Alto Personal Polar Plunge to fight childhood cancer!” and then tipping a bucket of ice water over yourself.
    1. Tag us! We’re on Facebook and Twitter. @montaltoplunge
      (Please make sure it’s public so we can see it…)
    2. Send us your video! We’ll compile a video montage from the videos that are sent over. (Go to, upload your video, enter to send it — this is free!)
  2. Follow us on our social channels for updates. You’re our favorite kind of hero. We can’t wait to see how COOL you get.

Keep it legal, keep it safe, please.

*Bragging rights for costumes and creative variations on this challenge.

Thank you, everyone. We Are!

For the kids,
Your friends at the Mont Alto Polar Plunge

Four Diamond Families – The WHY

On this eve of our 2020 bucket-style Personal Polar Plunge, let’s take a moment to reflect on the WHY of what we do.

At the #MontAltoPlunge, alumni partner with students to raise money to help fight childhood cancer. The Lightner family is a #FourDiamonds family who has worked with our #THON student dance team for years.* When we say “For the Kids,” we mean it.

You can help, right now.

#ForTheKids #FTK #FreezinForAReason

*Photo taken at a previous THON event. We’ve gotten Personal this year to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.

A shirt for every occasion

Just like the Polar Plunge event is different this year than it has ever been, we’re handling event shirts differently, too.

We’ve set up an online store to allow everyone to purchase shirts with this year’s unique design (and we KNOW you have been sooo curious about the color this year, right?). You can purchase as many as you want! For whomever you want! Whatever style you want!

They’re reasonably priced, and a couple bucks from each shirt sale support our cause. The online store will be available through December 20, so get yours now!

Visual lineup of shirts for sale for Polar Plunge

Got your bucket? You’re halfway there!

It has been a month since we announced that this year’s Plunge event is getting personal. Do you have your bucket picked out?

Signing up is easy. Just click this button to get started. There’s still time to register and get your friends and family to support your crazy-awesome pledge to raise money to fight childhood cancer in early December. For the kids!

A Personal Plunge

We at the Mont Alto Polar Plunge have been working behind the scenes to coordinate a slightly different kind of event — one that is resilient to some of the unpredictable outcomes of 2020.

Look for updates over the next few months from us. Because this year’s event isn’t geographically locked into a location, anyone who wants to jump in to our efforts can participate!

December 4, 5, and 6 this year, we’ll showcase videos of our participants dumping buckets of ice water on themselves. This year’s participants will have raised money ahead of time among their personal groups of contacts.

The funds raised will go through the Penn State Mont Alto’s student THON team to Four Diamonds to help combat childhood cancer.

#WeAre Penn State Mont Alto alumni and students. And everything we do here is #ForTheKids. #FTK

Being a hero without jumping in a lake

We talked a lot about the good work being done to put on our annual Plunge event in December. We talked a lot about how far-reaching the impact could be. We talked a lot about why raising that money was good work to do.

We came together, as students and alumni and campus and community. We did well, and we did some good.

There is another opportunity right now to be a hero again. No one may ever know but you; however, we all may see the effect of it if we’re lucky.

Older people. Children fighting cancer. Neighbors with chronic illnesses. They are all more susceptible to COVID-19, the current pandemic threatening the world. They may be friends. They may be family members.

If we physically distance ourselves to the extent we can, we can change the narrative here. We can slow the spread of the virus. That means that the people who do get sick will have a better chance of getting the help they need. And then of recovering.

If we physically distance ourselves to the extent we can, we can still stay connected. We can watch for those who need a hand. We can reach out to help.

It is not time to panic, but it is time to act like the wonderful human beings we know you are. After all, we’ve seen you in action before. Take good care, everyone. Stay safe and healthy. And thank you.

#BeExcellent #DoGood #MontAltoPlunge