Sponsors: A Hero Page

Through the years, Mont Alto’s Polar Plunge event has been proud to work with so many community organizations who feel passionate about helping us fight pediatric cancer. Check out these lists to know who has supported our efforts!

2020 Is Different

This year, we’re asking our community partners to participate, rather than sponsor. 2020 hasn’t gone like any of us could have imagined, and we’re sensitive to the needs of our friends who are working so hard to make it through these tough times.

We also want to make it easy for our traditional sponsors to continue supporting our event. If your business wants to do something great, pull a team together! We’ll provide everything you need to get the ball rolling.


2019 Polar Plunge Sponsors

You’re some of our favorite heroes!

2018 Polar Plunge Sponsors

Thank you for helping us Freeze for a Reason!

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